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Phantom Angel

The second book in David's new Benji Golden series, PHANTOM ANGEL, is now available!

"This entry is a wacky delight."
   —Publishers Weekly

When it comes to tracking down teen runaways, there is no private investigator in New York City better than streetwise Benji Golden. But his newest client is Morrie Frankel, the last of the great Broadway showmen. Morrie needs to find a deep-pocketed "angel," or investor, for his current extravaganza. Morrie thought he had found such an investor in hedge fund billionaire R.J. Farnell, but Farnell has vanished. Then when Morrie is found gunned down on 42nd Street, Benji finds himself smack in the middle of a high-profile murder investigation.

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The Coal Black Asphalt Tomb

David's newest Berger and Mitry book, THE COAL BLACK ASPHALT TOMB, is
now available!

"Handler's blend of suspenseful plot, skillful telling, and occasional splashes of comic relief add up to a heady cocktail of prime crime."
   —Publishers Weekly

The mismatched romantic crime-fighting duo of New York City film critic Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Resident Trooper Desiree Mitry are forced to go smack up against historic Dorset's blood-blooded aristocracy when the body of a hometown hero who disappeared more than 40 years ago is discovered buried underneath Dorset Street.

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And in other news!

Check out David's media page where you can view videos and listen to podcasts.

Now available from Open Road Media and MysteriousPress.com:
the entire Hoagy & Lulu mystery series as ebooks!



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